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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
113519061264232604907135*James S WildOrmond2017/2018South/East 1st XI2 1Oakleigh
2106680431264232605036106*Johann A WiseOrmond2017/2018South/East 2nd XI7 1Elsternwick
387309642126423260490787*Brendan BarryOrmond2017/2018South/East 1st XI2 1Oakleigh
480141315126423260500980Karl LawrenceOrmond2017/2018South/East 2nd XI3 1Caulfield
5741906126423260492174James S WildOrmond2017/2018South/East 1st XI4 1Noble Park
6671906126423260494167James S WildOrmond2017/2018South/East 1st XI7 1Elsternwick
766729284126423275293766*Callum DrenthOrmond2017/2018SECA Wed U181 1Hampton
859390144126423260578759Luke Dalle NogareOrmond2017/2018South/East 4th XI2 1Oakleigh
956775131126423260500956*Rory R FreemanOrmond2017/2018South/East 2nd XI3 1Caulfield
1056309740126423260499556Hayden McLennanOrmond2017/2018South/East 2nd XI1 1Mt Waverley
1154398273126423260503054Angus GreyOrmond2017/2018South/East 2nd XI6 1Moorabbin
1253775131126423278232853*Rory R FreemanOrmond 12017/2018SECA Fri 16A4 1Beaumaris 1
1352912299126423278236552Felix SquireOrmond 22017/2018SECA Fri North U16C3 1Elwood 1
1452732970126423275295052*Brett L PollOrmond2017/2018SECA Wed U184 1Le Page Park
1552353517126423275294552*Dylan K ThomasOrmond2017/2018SECA Wed U183 1East Sandringham
1651371904126423260538451Jonty Sharman-SmithOrmond2017/2018South/East 3rd XI4 2Noble Park
1750389533126423278236950*Asher B BarolskyOrmond 22017/2018SECA Fri North U16C4 1Washington Park 2
1850390071126423278237650*Benjamin OatenOrmond 22017/2018SECA Fri North U16C6 1Brighton 3
1950903781126423278237650*Rishab KiranOrmond 22017/2018SECA Fri North U16C6 1Brighton 3
2050390080126423278232550*Zac O SleemanOrmond 12017/2018SECA Fri 16A3 1Cheltenham 1
2150775131126423278232550*Rory R FreemanOrmond 12017/2018SECA Fri 16A3 1Cheltenham 1
2250390151126423260503650Spencer J WoodOrmond2017/2018South/East 2nd XI7 1Elsternwick
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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